Client Testimonials

May 26, 2017
Dear Bryna & Frank,
I just wanted to write you a little note stating how grateful I am for your “FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS EDUCATION CLASS!!!!” The class has not only afforded me the ability to get a Mortgage for 3.5% down but gave me the “knowledge” and “Courage” to successfully navigate the complete cycle of buying a house from “Pre Qualification” to “Close.” Your course should be a prerequisite for any 1st time buyer.
For me, your teachings removed all of the questions and preconceived notions I had heard about when purchasing a home. I myself had A LOT of misinformation about the whole mortgage process. In fact, I wish I had taken the course earlier so I could have been building my own equity much sooner as opposed to building my landlords. But I digress...
The speakers you had during the course were so helpful and their knowledge and experiences really rang true when I actually went through the process... From Mortgage Attorney to Home Inspector each one left me with a familiarity that carried over when it came time for me to find and use my own attorney and inspector. In fact, there wasn’t ever a time where I felt uninformed throughout the whole process...
I thought the way the course was presented was particularly impressive in how you systematically went over each of the parts of one achieving home ownership. You both were very good at articulating the “steps” in a manner that lent the listener an opportunity to feel comfortable in the knowledge they were gleaning. And I cannot say enough about the “BINDER.” The “binder” you provided to the class was so chock full of knowledge that I found myself referencing it quite a bit throughout my home buying process. From terminology, agencies and actual online housing searches your “binder” really got put to good use... (BTW – I’m still referencing it. In fact I’m scheduling a MASS SAVE HOME ASSESMENT today to get my free light bulbs). Just another one of the many “nuggets” that can be found in the Binder..
Lastly, I thought it was a nice that after the course had ended that I was able to reach out to the both you to get some other questions answered. That just shows how great you two are. Even after the course had ended your dedication and professionalism did not...
As of MAY 12th 2017 my wife and I became 1st time home owners... We cannot thank you and the Community Service Network enough... But please allow me tell you one last time, “THANK YOU FRANK & BRYNA!”
Scott & Jaime
P.S. During the close our Attorney and Realtor both stated they had “NEVER” had a couple so well prepared and informed when it came to closing. The realtor even asked for the course name.

August 1, 2018
"I learned so much, I'm not even sure where to start.  The knowledge of this course is overwhelming, however, all in a positive way.  This is the best course and I will be recommending it to anyone who is thinking about buying a house or condo.  Thank you for all of your knowledge, experiences and all the additional information."  -Beth

"I am very happy of how much I have learned.  I knew nothing about buying a home, now I have learned so much and I know what to expect.  Thank you."  -Rose

"I learned about the various people we should work with throughout the process as well as the order of steps we should take.  The presenters were great and answered everyone's various questions very thoroughly."  -J.O.

"I learned to be realistic about my budget and to not waive a home inspection."  -M.G. + R.T.

December 28, 2018
"We really appreciated the help in becoming educated about reverse mortgages. Bryna answered any questions we had and is very knowledgeable about all the facts and processes on reverse mortgages. We truly are grateful for the assistance you gave us Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Steve and Linda Renaud"