Landlord/Tenant Dispute Mediation

Tenant Representation:

When CSN takes a landlord-tenant case, our staff attorney will discuss tenancy issues with low and very-low income tenants.

This may result in representation of that tenant if a case is determined to be "taken" and representation becomes necessary.

This representation is pro bono and may include going to court with the tenant to defend the tenant's rights to the apartment.

Landlord/Tenant mediation:

Mediation is the process whereby a mediator, a neutral third party, listens to the parties and tries to help them reach a mutual, win-win resolution to their problem.

Our staff attorney will work with the parties in a non-adversarial manner to try to bring out any underlying issues and reach a long-term, fair, and reasonable solution to the tenancy issue.

CSN may be consulted prior to the parties going to court or after they have already gone to court. Either way we will try to foster an atmosphere of trust wherein both parties are able to confide with confidence in the mediator.

The mediator will not be available to testify for either party regarding what was said during the mediation or privately.

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